About Us

About us

We'll transform your life with education and determination

Redwood Beauty College aspires to build a team of skilled professionals who are ready to lead rewarding careers in the beauty industry.
Our inclusive learning environment is focused on preparing our students to achieve greatness through expert-level education and hands-on experience. In the ever-evolving world of beauty, we continue to use cutting-edge technology to ensure our students are job-ready and well-equipped for success.


Redwood Beauty College Coyetta

Welcome to the captivating realm of beauty! We’re delighted to have you join us on your journey here at Redwood Beauty College.

We firmly believe that with the combination of advanced education and unwavering determination, you’ll unlock the door to financial freedom that will forever transform your life.
My own journey in the beauty industry began many years ago with the launch of my salon. Over the course of 19 years, I’ve created and expanded multiple businesses and fruitful partnerships. Now, I’m driven to provide a nurturing haven for budding beauty professionals like you. Our modern facilities, combined with an industry-aligned curriculum, ensure that you’ll receive an education that seamlessly integrates theory and practice. Your time here with us will be filled with creativity, collaboration, and skill-building that will set you on a path to a fulfilling career You’ll also have the opportunity for immediate job placement in one of our many spa locations.

I am excited to see you thrive and flourish as you step into this exciting chapter of your life. Welcome to the Redwood Beauty College family!


Educator, Injector Specialist
Dr. Jaehoon Cho
Dr. Cho, adept in aesthetics and education, with 19 years of expertise, trained in Korea specializing in PDO thread techniques. Offers diverse aesthetics training courses, empowering trainees with latest techniques for optimal outcomes.
Chelsea Wen
Chelsea Wen, a leader in medical aesthetics, merges 10+ years of clinical experience with a zeal for training. Principal of Redwood Beauty College and training officer at Signature Cosmetic Clinic, she specializes in advanced procedures.
Campus Director
Coyetta Mitchell
Coyetta Mitchell, a seasoned beauty professional with 19+ years of experience, excels as Campus Director at Redwood Beauty College, leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional interpersonal skills for success.
Educator, Injector Specialist
Dr. Greg Pugen
Dr. Gregory Pugen, renowned injector specialist and Top 20 doctor of 2023, is a Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine specialist with over 20 years of expertise in aesthetics. His dedication and skill ensure exceptional results for his patients.
Beauty Educator
Mina Akhavan
Mina, with over a decade's experience in Beauty and Aesthetics, excels in education at Redwood Beauty College since 2019. Thriving in mentorship, she supports new nurses in Medical Aesthetics, staying updated through international seminars.
Injector Educator
Lily Cao
Lily, a nurse with dual degrees in Kinesiology and Nursing, refined her skills at Signature Cosmetic Clinic, specializing in injectables and advanced procedures. Transitioning to nursing education at Redwood College, she mentors aspiring nurses, instilling values of compassion and excellence in patient care.
Beauty Educator
Alina E
Alina, a seasoned professional in beauty and healthcare, excels as Senior Manager at Signature Cosmetic Clinic since 2013. As a certified medical aesthetic instructor since 2021 and Ultrasonic Knife Training Instructor since 2023, she's respected for her expertise and talent development.
Beauty Educator
Kathy Alexander
Meet Kathy, a Clinical Educator & Student Development Coordinator passionate about bespoke treatment procedures and advancing new practices in medical aesthetics. With 10+ years' experience, she boasts a proven track record. Outside of work, she enjoys the great outdoors.


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